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NaughtySVN Future Plans

Version Status Scheduled Released Remarks
0.0.1 (alpha) Released Jun 2007 Mon Jul 2, 2007 Features:
  • Nautilus Integration.
  • Show and Hide context menu items.
  • Subversion repository creation.
  • Checkout Subversion repository to working copy.
  • Add files/directory to working copy.
  • Update working copy from a Subversion repository.
  • Commit working copy to Subversion repository.
0.0.2 (alpha) InWork Jun 2008 Features:
  • Visually mark file and folder icons with emblems, to show status of working copies and repositories.
0.0.3 (alpha) InWork Aug 2008 Features:
  • Information on repository and working copy in property page.
  • Log message
0.0.4 (alpha) Scheduled Oct 2008 Features:
  • Subversion copy command.
  • Subversion move command.
  • Subversion remove command.
0.0.5 (alpha) Not Scheduled Features:
  • GConf to store NSVN configuration and user preference.
  • Subversion blame command.